Not all trees are the same...

You see them everywhere this time of year, popping up in praking lots. Christmas trees and wreaths abound but the difference is significant.

Nothing against boy scouts, but boy scout wreaths are made in Wisconsin. Many times months in advance. Wisconsin is the drier side of lake Michigan. That's because the prevailing winds are from the West and Michigan gets more moistier. Also they are made from Balsam fir, the traditional evergreen which smells like Christmas but dries up the fastest.

Our wreaths come from Oregon. Made from Noble fir gathered from forests watered again from the West this time, the Pacific Ocean. Noble fir is a long lasting evergreen after being cut. Once assembled by hand,  they are brought into huge climate controlled warehouses and await delivery by refrigerated truck to our loading dock. Roping and wreaths are placed here on the ground which has been coated with clean limestone and then covered lightly as not to allow to much or too little humidity. Mid season the roping is turned or flipped to circulate air and or to rehydrate.

This year we will again have Fraser fir from the Smokey Mountains. The smokey mountains climate is has the best climate for Fraser Firs. Many people carry Fraser but North Carolina has the best trees we've ever seen.