Snow is here and spring's not far away...

Well the snow has finally arrived and I feel Winter has arrived.

I now turn my attention to Spring and wonder what it will be like, and more importantly what will Summer bring. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and return to the cold snowy day that's at hand all it's beauty.

I'm also glad we received the heavy rains beforehand, we surely needed it. Checking the weather data for over 100 years in Chicago area I found there is little to be concerned about. Spring may be a bit earlier now then in years past and overall a few degrees warmer during the year but no changes in leaps or bounds have arrived unannounced. Some years are wetter than others, some years there's more snow, but overall I see no need for the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up in fear.

Nature is something you have to roll with because it can't be fought. All that said I hope for a year that we can enjoy, relish, surmount and grow in. Enjoy the beauty of today.