Take a tranquil journey, without leaving home

We too are sojourners on this Earth with you and daily need to escape from the rigors of this World.

Nature is one of the purest ways to partake of our Host. We are able to create our own Heaven with fundamental material of limitless variety to soothe our soul. Size does not matter either. What does matter is that you can escape.

We want you to take a trip with me to a place of relaxation, tranquility, fragrance and beauty. It's your Shangri-la, your dream, your destination, your sweet spot, your home.

When you arrive no matter the time, it's important that you leave every trial behind you and save what you must for the following day. You are now entering Heaven on earth or at least we hope you are...If you doubt this statement perhaps we may assist you create the paradise that you deserve.

At Wheaton Nurseries we have the passion needed to supply you with a design that fits your lifestyle. The finest of plant material including shade trees to organic vegetables.  Cast stone accents for your pleasure. Arbors for climbing roses or as a focal point. An amendment for your garden or an answer to your question.

Wheaton Nurseries invites you back to celebrate spring again with us and believe us when we say that you can Escape, Now, Here.

Since 1895