What a Spring it's been!

Perfect for every gardener that ever was. This has been by far the busiest Spring for us in our 118 years here in Wheaton selling nursery stock to our friends and customers in the Chicagoland area.
Starting with the Spring symphony of crocus, hyachinths, jonquils and tulips, the overture of Redbuds, forsythia and flowering of all trees such as maples, amelanchier, 
pear, well you get the drift. And speaking of drift, the air is still full of intoxicating scents at the nursery here in Wheaton. Yes we were due a good year after the heat and dry times we have endured.
Speaking of the past drought and warm conditions we had though, many of our brave sentinels, the trees we have grown to love are suffering or have died this year.
The Ash trees have especially have taken it hard. There are preventative measures, but in talking to the Illinois state inspector it was suggested new and different varieties of trees  
should be considered to replace them.
Now on the subject of planning, the roses in your yard, you know, the ones that have never looked better, well without preventative measures taken now will be the feast for the Japanese beatles coming soon. We have systemic insecticides that are just sprinkled onto the soil that goes into the blood stream of the plants that will thwart them. Don't think roses are the only thing these creatures have their eye on, oh no, they also like grapes, red leaf plums, linden trees, tallhedge (fineline) and a few more plants. Application is easier than making a Margarita!
We have the best selection (no kidding) of flowers this year with all the potting soils and amendments you'll need for making your yard and grounds look even better than they do now.
Now to bushes and trees;  more cut leaf Japanese Maples have arrived along with Degroot's Spire evergreens, Umbrella pine, Tri-colored Beech, Crimson Fire Oak, Black gum, Parrotia, Foxfire Katsura, Varigated Oak, Weeping Alaskan Cedar, dwarf and regular Bridal Wreath, Blondy Euonymus and Burning bush trees!, Oh and this year we have Camperdown Weeping Elm trees in, you know like the one along Roosevelt Road in front our store in stock and a great size that will look like something as soon as you plant it.
I hope to see you soon  Steve
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